About us

Save Guanaba exists to protect and preserve the natural environment of Tamborine Mountain’s escarpment precinct.

Save Guanaba exists to ensure that one of the Mountain’s remaining significant green areas (we call it “The Forest”) remains protected from harm; harm caused by high volumes of human traffic stemming from the out-of-place development – Guanaba Experience – in a biodiverse area so precious to the South East Queensland region.

Note: Following the Scenic Rim Regional Council’s approval of Guanaba Experience in May 2015, the development has become the subject of an appeal in Queensland’s Planning and Environment Court.

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What’s Save Guanaba?

Save Guanaba is a movement comprising a range of people from all different walks of life, from all different age groups and having a range of interests.

We’ve come together for a common goal … to save 500 acres – The Forest – within Tamborine Mountain’s Escarpment Protection Precinct from being developed into a high-volume, extreme sports entertainment park called Guanaba Experience – a mountain biking, camping, zip lining, rope climbing and suspension bridging business that introduces constant human, bike and 4WD traffic to a vulnerable area offering significant biodiversity.

The out-of-place Guanaba Experience development will:

1. Introduce a range of activities that will threaten flora and fauna of national and state significance (endangered, threatened and vulnerable).

2. Bring 50,000+ tourists per year to a sensitive and relatively intact ecology that currently experiences insignificant human traffic.

3. Put a high-activity, high-traffic business right next to people’s homes.

4. Increase fire risk to Tamborine Mountain and Guanaba.

5. Threaten soil stability (see Geography).

6. Threaten water quality through soil run-off, affecting significant water sources, including Guanaba Creek, which feeds into Moreton Bay via Coomera River.

7. Threaten water availability by tapping into and using precious underground water supplies in order to undertake activities such as washing bikes (see Geography).

8. Change – forever – the quiet and peaceful place on Tamborine Mountain we’ve come to love.

Want more information about the development?

Go to the Scenic Rim Regional Council website’s development applications, click “I agree” then “Application enquiry” and search for: MCBd14/053.

Save Guanaba in the long term …

We’ve also come together for a long-term cause … to Save Guanaba from damage caused by unsuitable development. This is a very precious place that’s worth protecting and preserving.

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