David and Goliath battle over Mountain’s green heart

Tamborine Mountain residents took to the streets last week, fighting against a proposed development to turn one of the Mountain’s significant forest areas into a mountain bike, zip line and suspension bridge business.

While the developer ran a sophisticated web campaign to drum up out-of-town interest, Mountain residents printed flyers and went door to door to spread the message about the development. Residents were shocked and alarmed to find out the extent of the developer’s plans, which would put at risk 500 acres of the Mountain’s eastern escarpment protection precinct. Shock turned to action, with residents submitting to Council their objections to the development and challenging the support out-of-towners gave via the developer’s website.

Within this green heart of the Mountain exists an incredible range of endangered, threatened and vulnerable flora and fauna of national significance. From Albert’s Lyrebird to the koala and from the Spotted-tail Quoll to the Black-breasted Button-quail.

This place – the majority is heavily forested with a range of flora important to South-East Queensland – is worth protecting from the development, which will dramatically increase traffic on the property from few to many (4WD tracks were only ever used for fire risk management purposes). The carving up and use of land for human, bike and 4WD traffic will force native animals from their homes and damage a wildlife corridor that, for so long, has been protected from human intervention.

Many Mountain residents believe in protecting and preserving this space for now and for the future. That’s why we object to the proposed development and will continue to fight for the at-risk flora and fauna.

For more information, go to the Scenic Rim Regional Council website’s development applications, click “I agree” then “Application enquiry” and search for: MCBd14/053.

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