Guanaba has valuable koala habitat

Guanaba has valuable bushland for koala habitat (under Qld’s koala conservation policy). To ensure the protection of koalas in Guanaba and guarantee an increase in their population, this bushland must be protected.

Koala roosting in a treePeople living next to Guanaba have seen more koalas in and around the area over the past decade, with some residents going from no sightings 10 years ago to regular weekly / bi-weekly sightings of koalas (some with young joeys) in the last 2 years.

The following map was requested from:
Qld’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

The big red line in the centre shows the Guanaba area:
196/98-196 Guanaba Road, Tamborine Mountain

Green = valuable koala habitat.

Koala habitat map for Guanaba

Map showing significant habitat in Guanaba for koalas.

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