Noisy Friarbird – Guanaba’s halloween honeyeater

They’re like something from the Dark Crystal. Guanaba’s Noisy Friarbird – a type of honeyeater – loves eucalyptus flower nectar and all manner of insects.

They’re sometimes referred to as as a “leatherhead”, because of their bare black head, which is juxtaposed with grey / white ruffled feathers on their body. They have a long, strong bill with which to harvest nectar.

Noisy Friarbird

This lovely bird is called “Noisy” because it creates a lot a noise as it flocks with others of its kind in the upper canopy of trees. It doesn’t hide from view as it gathers nectar and socialises with its mates.

Where to find the Noisy Friarbird

1. Eastern and south-eastern Australia.

2. North-eastern Queensland to north-eastern Victoria.

3. Southern New Guinea.

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