Our shy little Albert’s Lyrebird

Albert’s Lyrebird is a shy and timid bird and has been spotted in and around the Guanaba area for years.

They are a ground-dwelling bird, living in the rain forests of NSW and South East Queensland.

They are pheasant-sized – around 75cm long for a female and 90cm long for a male.

The Albert’s Lyrebird, similar to the superb lyrebird, can mimic other animals (sometimes, you think you’re hearing a whipbird, but you’re actually listening to the Alberts’s Lyrebird).

Albert’s Lyrebird & Guanaba

People in and around the Guanaba area have undertaken surveys to record Albert’s Lyrebird numbers (and have fallen in love with this delicate little bird along the way).

The Tamborine Mountain Natural History Association (an enthusiastic and passionate group of bird watchers and bushwalkers) conduct a survey of the Albert’s Lyrebird every year, and have recorded 4 to 6 active males in the Guanaba area.

Alberts Lyrebird in Guanaba

Protection & preservation of the Albert’s Lyrebird

The Albert’s Lyrebird is listed as a rare species in Queensland (under the Nature Conservation Act 1992).

There aren’t many left in the wild.

It’s vital to protect this precious little animal from human interference. Human traffic in their area (foot, bike and vehicle) can greatly upset their nesting habits and put them in danger.

They must be given the best chance of survival through protection of habitat and ensuring less, not more, contact with humans. That’s our responsibility to uphold.

Want more information about the Albert’s Lyrebird? See the Australian Government’s Department of Environment website.

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