Precious Guanaba flora and fauna

Guanaba is home to a range of endangered, threatened and vulnerable species. Out-of-place developments will put their lives at serious risk.

An array of pristine forest in Guanaba

Koala waking in a treeThe property: 98-196 Guanaba Road on Tamborine Mountain has a vast array of pristine forest – from eucalyptus to rain forest. Flora changes dramatically when travelling from the front of the property to its centre and beyond.

This amazing area sees a range of fauna move through it; animals enjoying a variety of offerings created by the vegetation.

What type of flora and fauna is in Guanaba?Alberts Lyrebird in Guanaba

When talking flora and fauna, where not just talking flooded gums and bush turkeys (lovely as they are). We’re talking plants and animals that appear on international, national and state endangered, threatened and vulnerable species lists.

The flora and fauna of Guanaba include:

1. Spotted-tailed quoll – endangered * (Also IUCN Red Listed)
2. Albert’s Lyrebird – near threatened ** (Also IUCN Red Listed)
3. Black-breasted Button-quail – vulnerable(Also IUCN Red Listed)
4. Three-toed Snake-tooth Skink – vulnerable * (Also IUCN Red Listed)
5. Whirring Treefrog – near-threatened **
6. Koala – vulnerable *
4. Pearson’s green tree frog – endangered ** (Also IUCN Red Listed)
4. Tusked Frog – vulnerable ** (Also IUCN Red Listed)
4. Richmond Birdwing Butterfly – vulnerable **
5. Wild apple – endangered *
6. Floyd’s walnut – endangered *

Residents in the Guanaba area have seen the koala population start to thrive (it’s a government-recognised koala habitat). They’ve spotted the Pearson’s Green Treefrog and the Albert’s Lyrebird.

Protecting at-risk flora and fauna from harm

Pearson's Tree FrogThese plants and animals exist in the area of a proposed and out-of-place development for an adventure business; a business which will introduce a range of human traffic that it’s never before seen, traffic which will lead to the displacement of flora and fauna.

Our flora and fauna are precious to our environmental heritage. We have a responsibility to ensure they are protected; this will enable them to thrive.

More pictures of Guanaba? See Save Guanaba Facebook page


* The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
** Queensland. Nature Conservation Act 1992 (PDF, 915kb)
IUCN Red List = International Union for Conservation of Nature’s RED LIST

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