Queensland’s DSDIP changes agency response after developer requests amendments

After a request from the developer, the Queensland Department of State Development, Infrastructure and PlGuanaba Gorgeanning (DSDIP) has amended its concurrence agency response to the entertainment park development application targeting Guanaba Forest.

Late last year, the developer made representations to DSDIP seeking changes to the Department’s original response to the development application.

The State has amended its response following these representations. Here are the key points to the final response from the DSDIP.

Within the State-regulated vegetation area (the bottom three-quarters of the property and containing wet scleropyll forest and rainforest), the developer can:
1. Set up new infrastructure.Sclerophyll Forest with Cycads
2. Construct vehicle tracks up to 10 metres wide (in accordance with the developer’s amended track plan).
3. Clear immature tree species to establish mountain bike trails and walking tracks.
4. Clear vegetation up to 10 metres wide for zipline towers and bridge structures (supports), and up to 5 metres wide for the actual ziplines and bridges.
5. Install climbing fixtures and fittings necessary for outdoor recreation, BBQ shelters and picnic tables where no clearing of regulated vegetation is required.

In terms of roads, the developer must:
1. Move the steep decent sign from the corner 120 metres further back along Guanaba Road.Water flows in Guanaba Forest Tamborine Mountain
2. Remove vegetation from the corner of Kaiser and Guanaba Roads.
3. Dedicate a 420 square metre strip along Guanaba Road to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

For detailed information on the response from the DSDIP, go to the development applications section of www.scenicrim.qld.gov.au and search for the DA: MCBd14/053.

The document is titled: “Amended concurrence agency response with conditions Department of State Development Infrastructure & Planning L3 RP181081″.

Note: The State response focuses only on vegetation and Guanaba Road issues. Scenic Rim Regional Council is responsible for the overall assessment of the development application.

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