Scenic Rim Regional Council overturns its own conditions in favour of Guanaba developer

On 18 August 2015, the Scenic Rim Regional Council planning and development committee voted to change noise pollution and staffing conditions it originally imposed on the Guanaba Experience development.

The vote was 5 in favour and 2 against. Tamborine Mountain Councillors voted against overturning the conditions.

Noise pollution
Scenic Rim Regional Council substantially increased the levels of allowable noise pollution. It didn’t provide any reason for the change.

Council originally imposed noise conditions that allowed for a much smaller increase over the existing noise levels of the area.

As part of these conditions, Council stated noise could be 5dB above LA90 from 7am to 10pm and 3dB above LA90 from 10pm to 7am. Council specified these noise levels would be “acceptable” at “sensitive places” – meaning people living nearby.

But in August, Council changed these conditions, so now from 7am to 10pm, intermittent noise can be up to 52 dBA and steady noise can be up to 42 dBA. From 10pm to 7am, noise can be up to 29 dBA.

This change is significant and substantial and will impact seriously on the amenity of nearby residents and fauna in the forest.

Scenic Rim Regional Council removed its cap on staff numbers on the site. Council originally imposed a cap of 30 staff on site. It abandoned this cap based on the proposed use of mainly casual and part-time staff.

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