Scenic Rim Regional Council approves out-of-place development: Tamborine Mountain Escarpment Protection Precinct

On Friday, 15 May 2015, Scenic Rim Regional Council planners recommended the entertainment park be approved.

On Tuesday, 19 May 2015, a majority of Scenic Rim Regional Councillors voted in favour of the development.

The Councillors who represent Tamborine Mountain voted against the development.

The Councillors who represent other areas of the Scenic Rim voted in favour of the development.

Councillors had a week to reconsider their vote before the full Council vote on 26 May. However, once the full Council meeting was held, the vote didn’t change. Despite representations made by Tamborine Mountain Councillors, the Council decided to accept the Planning and Development Committee meeting report and approve the development. Tamborine Mountain Councillors commented further on the development requesting additional conditions be applied, especially relating to fire management.

Save Guanaba reiterates: the development for a high-volume, high-impact entertainment park goes against everything the Tamborine Mountain Escarpment Protection Precinct stands for. And we will appeal the Council’s decision in Queensland’s Planning and Environment Court.

Find out about Tamborine Mountain’s green heart – the Escarpment Protection Precinct

One of the last significant green spaces left on the Mountain …

98-196 Guanaba Road Tamborine Mountain

95% reject theme park on Tamborine Mountain

Around 800 Tamborine Mountain residents put submissions to Council on the proposed Guanaba theme park development. And 95% objected.

Of the submissions sent to the Scenic Rim Regional Council,  the objections outnumbered the support. A boon, as many Mountain residents caught wind of the proposed development only a week before the submission period closed.

An anti-planning scheme development

The development application made to Council seeks to develop the 500 acre Guanaba property, within the escarpment protection precinct (the focus of this website), into a tourism and entertainment business with 4WDs, restaurant, shop, mountain bike riding – including nighttime riding – zip lines, suspension bridges, tour buses and more right next to people’s homes.

It’s a development not suited to the rural and residential culture of the area.

It’s a development completely at odds with the planning scheme. The 500 acres is within the escarpment protection precinct, which means it’s suitable only for certain types of small-scale rural / residential developments – not theme parks.

Out-of-place developments next to people’s homes?

No-one wants 50,000 tourists a year coming down their quiet residential street. The current planning scheme protects residents from this happening. And Tamborine Mountain residents made their homes trusting they’d be protected by this planning scheme. That’s not too much to ask, surely?

Residents around the Scenic Rim need to stand up and help fight against out-of-place developments. This is not just a Tamborine Mountain issue. If the proposed development on the Mountain goes ahead – right next to people’s homes – then who knows what could happen next door to you.

There are many more reasons why residents are fighting the proposed development.

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