Tamborine Mountain’s green heart – once it’s gone, it’s gone for good

Why does the community oppose this specific development on Tamborine Mountain? Because it’s a high-impact entertainment business proposed to be developed in an area not zoned for entertainment, but zoned “escarpment protection”, which recognises the environmental significance of the area.

This is a major green zone of the Mountain; it contains at-risk flora and fauna, it acts as a major corridor to other green areas and it connects major South East Queensland water catchments (such as the Coomera River). It’s environmental significance has been recognised by Council’s current planning scheme, which allows only for low-level development (not an entertainment business and not a “housing estate”).

And yes, the community opposes the proposed development, because it sets an entertainment business in amongst quiet rural / residential properties, which, again, is not what is promised under the current planning scheme.

The planning scheme has been developed over many years by people who know the Scenic Rim region, its cultural values and the importance of retaining areas of environmental significance. The development application has provided no clear reason for why the 500 acres in question should be changed to something incompatible with the planning scheme and the area.

Let’s be clear, despite some of the claims cast, this is not a mountain bike riding business; it’s a multi-offering entertainment business. High volumes of people will move through this property on a daily basis. It includes a range of mountain bike riding activities throughout the property (including nighttime rides), 4WD shuttles taking mountain bike riders to the top of the property every 10 to 20 minutes, camping for 300 people per day and night, zip lines, suspension bridges, restaurant, car parks for more than 100 cars, events and more.

This is a very sensitive part of Tamborine Mountain and one of the few remaining green legacies of the Scenic Rim / Gold Coast region. That’s why we’re fighting for it; that’s why it’s important to us.

The Save Guanaba Facebook page is a place to communicate all the reasons for protecting this very important area.

The community’s read the developer’s side of the story on their Facebook page and website. We’ve also read the comments of people who support the development on the Save Guanaba Facebook page and have informed ourselves of the development via the application documentation. The community has its own perspective on the development and believe we have the right to voice this perspective in the spaces we’ve created to do so.

A small story: Some have claimed residents near the proposed development of clearing their land to build their homes. Many of the people most affected by the proposed development purchased old farm land and are now revegetating it to extend the 500 acres of well-vegetated escarpment protection into their own properties to regenerate the area and provide more habitat for the local fauna. We’re passionate about this place, and want to protect it for now and for the future. Why? Because it’s precious. And once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

See the Save Guanaba Facebook page for more.

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